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Golden Scrap Metal Baobab - Handmade from Zimbabwe - World's Most


Golden Scrap Metal Baobab – Handmade from Zimbabwe


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Baobab Tree / 25 inch Gold Metal Baobab / Handmade from Zimbabwe / Tree Sculpture / African Baobab Unique / Recycled Bean Cans

The golden baobab.The baobab, the upside-down-tree, is famous for the African landscape. According to legends, God became so angry with mankind one day, that he pulled the trees from the earth and put them back upside-down. Leaving us with the famous baobab, which can grow up to be more than 40 meters high and approx. 6000 years old.

Kay’s baobab is equally impressive. His golden version is made from bean cans, a very labour-intensive project. Each leaf is cut and punched into the right shape. Kay spends two whole days to finish one tree.


  • Height: 63 Centimeters
  • Width: 45 Centimeters
  • Depth: 45 Centimeters


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