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Metal Baobab Tree from Madagascar - World's Most


Metal Baobab Tree from Madagascar


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Metal Baobab Tree from Madagascar – Tree Sculpture of African Baobab Unique

This Metal Baobab Tree from Madagascar is made from an old oil barrel. The people that make these baobabs earn a salary making recycle-art and can live in a house on the workplace property. – This African tree sculpture from Madagascar is handmade and that makes it very unique.

The baobab, the upside-down-tree, is famous for the African landscape. According to legends, God became so angry with mankind one day, that he pulled the trees from the earth and put them back upside-down. Leaving us with the famous baobab, which can grow up to be more than 40 meters high and approx. 6000 years old.

Size: height: 20cm / 8inch and diameter at branches 14cm / 5.5inch

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